Friday, January 18, 2008

Managed to Install TikiWiki

Just for the fun of it, I installed a Wiki on my home server. After evaluating MediaWiki, DekiWiki, DokuWiki and TikiWiki, I settled on TikiWiki for the supposedly able to support blogging and collaboration. We'll wait and see.

But to get to the point of geting it working wasted a few hours of my time. MySQL and PHP was broken with Leopard. So I reinstalled MySQL with version 5.0.45 from The MySQL Preferences Pane doesn't work anymore in Leopard. Next, the PHP socket is different. Time to edit the /etc/php.ini file. Bah!

Let's see if TikiWiki works for me. I may try DokuWiki next. RefBase sure didn't work in Leopard.

Here is the comparison that made me just to TikiWiki:

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