Friday, March 9, 2012

Converting HD720 to 320x240

$ ffmpeg -i input.avi -vcodec huffyuv -vf "crop:960;720:0:0" -y intermediate.avi
$ ffmpeg -i intermediate.avi -vcodec libx264 -s qvga -y output.m4v

HuffYUV is a lossless codec. From Wikipedia:

Huffyuv (or HuffYUV) is a lossless video codec created by Ben Rudiak-Gould which is meant to replace uncompressed YCbCr as a video capture format.

Despite the "YUV" in the name, it does not compress the YUV color space, but YCbCr.[citation needed] The codec can also compress in the RGB color space.

-vf "..." replaces -croptop, -cropbottom, -padtop, -padbottom etc of older versions of FFMPEG

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