Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Master's Project Proposal Evaluation

Just evaluated 3 students this morning. As usual, this is the time to learn a few things.
  • Shashiteren with "Traffic Congestion Monitoring Base on Automated Vision System". Proposal for a C++ PC-based system to give a grade of light, medium or heavy traffic congestion. Camera faces the traffic junction. Includes counting of vehicles but may not work if vehicles are occluded by a big truck. Recommend that he place the camera at the back of the junction instead.
  • Muhammad Amir As'ari with "Cyclist Dearly Detection Using Automated Vision System". Uses night vision camera to detect illegal biker and give a warning if the number of bikers gathering at a location exceeds 5. First of all, the term "cyclist" means "a person who rides a bicycle". Next, the type of camera makes a difference. An infra-red camera will cause a bike to give a different shape than from an visible light camera.
  • Yew Foong Ching with "Real-Time PC-Based 2D Barcode Reader". Uses a camera to decode PDF417 2D barcode. She has a few barcode image which needs to be rotated, done manually with IrfanView. So far, the rotated barcode cannot be decoded with the available decoding software. If manual doesn't work, automatic is harder.

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