Saturday, November 1, 2008

ExifTool: It really saved my day

Problem 1: My Coolpix has the year set to 2009, and we took close to a hundred pictures before we realized the error.

Problem 2: This is really a Canon vs Nikon thing. I like my Nikon camera but I like the Canon software better which creates folders according to the picture creation date. If the Canon software would just download data from a Nikon camera, this wouldn't be problem.

So today I discovered ExifTool, installed in on MacBook and voila! Windows users have to install Perl first.

Of course, first you have to navigate to the folder containing the pictures.

To solve problem #1, give this command.

exiftool "-AllDates-=1:: 0" *.jpg

To solve problem 2, give this command:

exiftool -d %Y_%m_%d "-directory<datetimeoriginal" jpg="">

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