Friday, December 2, 2011

How NOT to Upgrade Linux Mint from Katya to Lisa

The way to upgrade an Ubuntu-based distro (copied from a lucky person who got is working):
  1. Open a terminal and run 'sudo bash' to get a root terminal
  2. Using a text editor (as root), replace the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list with the following sources list:
    deb lisa main upstream import backport
    deb oneiric main restricted universe multiverse
    deb oneiric-updates main restricted universe multiverse
    deb oneiric-security main restricted universe multiverse
    deb oneiric partner
    deb oneiric free non-free
  3. Run 'apt-get update'
  4. Run 'apt-get dist-upgrade'
  5. Follow the instructions issued, don't worry about overwriting configuration files dpkg will keep a copy in the same directory with the string ".dpkg-old" appended to the filename
  6. Run 'apt-get upgrade'
  7. Reboot
Theoretically, the steps above should be sufficient for Ubuntu upgrading. But Linux Mint discourages in situ upgrades. The recommended way is to back up all personal files and reinstall with new ISO.

I should know. The steps above left me with a system that doesn't allow me to login. Arrgh! I'm beginning to like Fedora more and more already.

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