Saturday, December 3, 2011

VP8 vs H.264

First, the conclusions for the lazy:
  • VP8 is very similar to H.264, but it does not have better quality, nor is it faster.
  • In the face of such striking similarities, the burden of proving VP8 being patent-free is still on Google.
  • The VP8 spec is not complete or final in any way, so it might take time to integerate this codec into hardware devices.
  • and lastly, having no hardware-accelerated support in existing smartphones/mobile-devices for decoding VP8 makes it very CPU and battery intensive.
One thing good about VP8: it does away with interlacing. Who needs it today, anyway? But VP8 lacks B-frames. What? B-frames can give 10-20% (or more) compression benefit for minimal speed cost.


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